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"Yeah...I'm Batman"

I genuinely never thought I'd see this happen. Every time a new Batman movie was announced when I was growing up I hoped beyond logic that it would be Keaton's return. But up until the multiverse became acceptable in the movies/tv, I knew that would never become a reality.

Let's be real, I never thought the multiverse of DC would ever reach the movies. In the comics, it was more than welcomed for almost 50 years, but that was such a niche group of people that I KNEW there was no way the movies could accept that. Movies are mostly for the gen-pop or muggles of the nerd world if you will. And that's fine. Not every person likes comics. People like what they like and don't like what they don't like. It's whatever.

For most of my life, I was part of a crowd that was shunned, dismissed, and looked down on because we enjoyed, "kid's stuff" and comics were NEVER taken seriously as a medium of storytelling. In many ways, it's still fighting that battle, even though now we can bolster that we sparked a multi-billion dollar movie genre, so clearly it demands respect even if you don't think it's "art". So for this to have actually become a reality is almost a social miracle.

But regardless of what it took to get here, we are now in a time where Michael Keaton, who hasn't donned the cowl since 1992, is back in the Batman costume for a huge blockbuster movie that will launch a new DCU at the movies. This is truly my childhood coming back to give me a huge hug at a time when I need it most. I don't care about the politics behind the DCWB right now. I can ignore the odious behavior of Ezra Miller, and I can just focus on the fact that Batman, my Batman is back. 7-year-old Brian would be losing his friggin mind, and in a way, he totally is.


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