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Grief On Easter Weekend

(Artist Uknown To Me)

I look at the utter brokenness and blind hate that idolatry brings to humanity and I grieve.

I grieve because I have seen good people, whom I have loved and who have helped me through many hard times in my life, absolutely give themselves over to identity politics and/or grand conspiracies that have completely corrupted their ability to rationalize and critically think about things, or even rationally interact with people they care about who disagree with them.

I long for this country to find unity and reject the fringes that have not only continued to divide us all but that are led by people who do not care about this country or its people. They care about power and their own personal financial gain. They care about "manifesting" their own glory through manipulation and fear.

I grieve most when I see fellow Christians fall prey to this trap, or even worse, come out as the manipulative leaders themselves. Christians have done so much damage in this country because they were supposed to be (are supposed to be) the safe place. The ones who you could turn to and would love you and love each other. Now it seems all Christians do is argue amongst themselves and troll others online.

It's all become about one's own personal glory. When we all must be worshipped by others and by ourselves, then we will utterly fail at being human. When we choose self-glorification and power, we become something else entirely. C.S. Lewis called it becoming a "grumble". He said that eventually when a person continues to give themselves over to idolatry, lust, power, greed, and pride, they eventually will become something inhuman; some creature, that may appear as human but is utterly corrupt to the core.

There is a consequence to what you align yourself with. Don't choose something that steals life instead of providing it. This Easter weekend I'm reminded that if it weren't for a God who constantly challenges me and corrects my visceral responses, I would be lost to the fringes, or lost to the silence of passivity.

The bottom line here is, I know "Sunday is coming." and I'm so thankful for that...but I wish "Sunday" arriving meant all of this coming to an end. I wish all the hate and the vile creatures who manipulate us and hold us hostage to our own vices would come to their bitter ends so we can enter into something new. Easter is about bringing resurrection into creation...and I'm ready for the death we find in our souls to be defeated for good.


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