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Two Things About Easter

Two stories are being told on Easter weekend.

1. Jesus becomes the sacrificial atonement for all of humanity. The darkness or sin that is in us and around us has been washed away. Just like the blood of the lamb covered the Hebrews in Egypt and prevented their firstborns from being killed by the destroyer, the blood of Jesus covers the darkness inside of us, replacing it with his light. Because of this act of final sacrifice, all sacrificial atonement was complete, breaking the wall that darkness built between humanity and God, and allowing all of humanity to now be reunified with God in fellowship and love.

2. A glorious ransom is happening. This same darkness from (1.) manipulated its way into creation, simultaneously corrupting it and humanity, and ultimately ruling both; only being thwarted by a rigorous sacrificial system where the blood of the innocent had to be spilled on behalf of broken human souls. Jesus, being the ultimate sacrifice not only was the atonement that broke down the wall between humanity and God but broke the binding hold darkness had on humanity's soul. Jesus not only sacrificed himself but then rose again, breaking the chains of eternal death and severing the ownership darkness had on creation forevermore.

Over the years, studying scripture, I have come to see the Easter story less and less as the false narrative of an angry God killing his son to satiate his wrath against humanity, and more like Gandalf entering into battle with the Balrog, sacrificing himself for the Fellowship so he can then come back, clothed in white, and lead them to absolute victory.

Easter is the ultimate rescue and redemption...and I will spend my whole life being thankful for it.


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