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On The Bad Days...

Today's mug is a challenging one.

I often like to make light of my health problems. Mostly to remind me that they have no power over my soul, but also to help others feel more comfortable. Laughing is one of the best medicines one can have.

However, there are really difficult days when I am utterly exhausted and fighting for air to breathe. Sometimes I can pinpoint the reason, but most times I can't. I don't want to diminish the real suffering this brings to my life...because it certainly does. There are so many things I want to accomplish and places I want to go, people, I want to spend time with. My health limits me substantially in accomplishing those goals and pleasures.

Today a friend on Facebook was very kind in one of the comments he left regarding my latest page of The Nebulizer. He stated that it was inspiring to see me turn my illness into something others can enjoy and can lift the spirits of people (including myself). And I'm so very grateful for that reminder. Because there are days (like today) when I feel like I'm useless to the world and that my illness has its dark masterful hands around my throat...and my soul.

During days like today, I try to remind myself that not every day is like this. I will have another good day soon where I can bring my stories to life, see my loved ones and laugh with them, and ultimately feel like a functional human being...if even for a brief time.

Just know that if you're struggling today...this isn't the end. This isn't going to be how every day looks. Better times will come. Use your pain to show others that there is still hope.


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