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Welcome To Brian's Online Journal

Welcome to my online journal. I'll be sharing many things on here in the weeks/months/years to come. I thank you very much for taking time out of your day to join me in my random thoughts, dedications, shameless plugs, and more.

Right now the Memoirs of an Angel team, which consists of myself (creator/artist/writer/colorist), my lovely wife Robyn (marketing/finance/business manager), and my long time close friend Paul Lewis (editor), are hard at work putting together a Kickstarter campaign for the first trade paperback of the series: The Grey Pilgrim: Part One. This is to be launched in June of this year. So with that being said I will do my very best to post as many entries as possible, however my first commitment is of course the book itself.

My goal will be to post at least once every couple weeks on a topic that is either something that inspires Memoirs of an Angel or something I find important enough to write a journal entry about and share with you.

So for now, check out the new website and social media pages if you haven't already. We do have new prints available for purchase and keep an eye out for new pages of the trade being posted on social media every few days!

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