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What Is The Cosmic Wheel? (Part 5)

What Is The Cosmic Wheel? (Part 5)

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“To a timeless being, time means nothing. But timing is everything.”

Michael S. Heiser, The Façade

“Free will is part of being like God. We couldn’t be like him if we didn’t have it. Without free will, concepts like love and self-sacrifice die.”

“We fear men so much, because we fear God so little. One fear cures another. When man's terror scares you, turn your thoughts to the wrath of God.”

― G.K. Chesterton

The everlasting epoch of the Cosmic Wheel, forever turning as a living construct of order, could at any given point, overlap with each of the many realms within creation. On many occasions, multiple realms at a time could occupy the same space, usually warring over whatever location or individual person a kingdom desired to inhabit or defend. But at the center of this construct, the very heart of all creation was the White Throne. It is there that the presence of Yahweh: King of Ages dwelt, maintaining the order that kept creation in place for eons, protecting it from chaos and ultimate destruction.

The Patience of A King

In times of great sorrow and pain, one often looks to the heavens and wonders where God is. What could He possibly be doing that is more important than fixing whatever is wrong with the world and its defilements? The truth of the matter is, however, He is right there the entire time; working through the defilements and the suffering of whoever and whatever is involved.

As has been addressed previously, King Yahweh established a specific order upon creating the cosmos; there are many Divine Laws in place that prevent everything from drowning in the dark cesspools of chaos where Khata dwells. One of those Laws (one of the most important and most impactful in fact) is the Law of Choice which above all Divine Laws, can disrupt others permanently; which is why only a certain few are given this gift. Those who are blessed with this largesse can choose to abuse it and in doing so may cause terrible things to happen, and unfortunately, Azathoth did such a thing. But instead of leaving His creation to fend for itself, Yahweh entered into these terrible consequences, and even He, Himself; the King of Ages, Creator of all, can and does sacrifice much for the love of his creations.

From the first thought that would one day bring Azathoth to the darkness and rise Khata out of the necroplasmic slime of that darkness, Yahweh was there. Azathoth underestimated how far his King's omniscience could reach and therefore believed he was courting the shadows in secret. But alas, Yahweh witnessed it all. Every hidden thought, each whispered conversation, every cloaked meeting between the Elders; the Trinitarian Yahweh was present...and He was grieved. But above all else, He was patient. The Law of Choice that He established prevented Him from entering Azathoth's plan up to a certain point. Instead, Yahweh began to prepare for the outcomes that He foresaw, all of which led to Him forming the Sheolic Realm out of the necroplasmic energy that flowed from the darkness of the Elder's choices.

Through the eons of evolutionary rebellion constructed by The Court of Azathoth and their orders, Yahweh began to gather his forces to Himself. At last, after Azathoth had begun officially creating his own children (The Elder Childre/Aryan Race) Yahweh called his first creation to a meeting of the Divine Council to answer for his heinous act of rebellious hubris. It was in this meeting of The Ouranos Elohim that Azathoth's rebellion became known to the whole Council. Azathoth's absence from the call spoke to his absolute disregard for his King's will.

The Septum Dei (The Seven Archangels) had been aware of the rebellion for quite some time as Yahweh had informed them but had also instructed them to simply prepare for the battles to come, but not yet move against Azathoth and his creations. Yahweh knew that Katah's entrance to the cosmos was not only an abomination but a powerful one. If Yahweh were to move against Azathoth too early, this would endanger the Divine Law of Choice to break and would then give Katah more power that would allow chaos to rule instead of order, even if that order was beginning to have negative effects.

Over the thousands of years to come, the King's forces had opportunities to slow down and thwart Azathoth's plan of evolutionary conquest of Earth, which he now referred to as Rodinia. But upon the creation of the Spear of Necrom, things became more difficult. Even the mighty Raphael could not overthrow the power that Aedom Elyon had now found in the Spear's seeming omnipotence. Katah was proving to be much more of an adversary than the host of heaven believed him to be, even though their King knew all too well what Khata was capable of and saw the destructive possibilities that haunted Yahweh from the future. Nevertheless, He remained patient and waited for the opportune moment when Azathoth's own choices would begin to backfire and the Divine Law of Cause & Effect would begin to bear bitter fruit.

Azathoth's Retribution

After the pillage of the Mi-Go/Shoggoth army on the mountainside of Kadath by the newly formed Aryan/Dara Cinn army, Azathoth watched as his world was now lost to him. A remnant of Elder Children remained loyal to him, but he knew that they were far too inferior to take on such a powerful force as Cthulhu and Aedom-Elyon, and the Elder god did not care to align himself with such pathetic creatures any longer. Now his malice was directed toward Yog-Sothoth, whose betrayal had caused all of this to happen. It was clear now that the Yuggothian god had created his Mi-Go for the prime purpose of overthrowing Azathoth's new world. Yog-Sothoth had attempted to take Rodinia for himself, which had now inspired Cthulhu to do the same, taking the Dara Cinn with him in his rebellion against the entire Court of Azathoth.

It was now an all-out war. Azathoth was pitted against Yog-Sothoth and Cthulhu on two separate fronts. Yog-Sothoth found himself directing his forces against Azathoth's and the entire Dara Cinn who had now broken away from Azathoth and had seized autonomy for themselves. Soon the remaining members of Azathoth's Court would begin to choose sides or create their own alliances in the Creation Wars. Shub-Nurrath who had remained very loyal to Azathoth during this process began to question whether or not she should remain tethered to such an incompetent leader. While she remained with him at first, later would begin to break off and form her own court with Nyarlothotep and many Mi-Go/Shoggoths who rebelled against Yog Sothoth on Earth. The Dara Cinn also began to break away from each other. Hastur and Dagon sacked Sarnath and enslaved the remaining Aryans there. Yig and Zhar joined Yog-Sothoth as well as Abhoth and Tulzsha. All the while Hypnos and Nodens remained distant from all alliances and focused on their own kingdoms. The original Court of Yahweh had been torn apart. Bitter fruit indeed.

However, all the while, no matter who won or lost battles in this ever-evolving war of Creation, Khata's power grew. As long as the darkness flourished in the hearts of the cosmos, Khata's dominion solidified. But unbeknownst to anyone but the King, as Khata's power grew, so did the Sheolic Wheel. Yahweh's patience was undeterred, for as He saw the haunting future in front of Him, He also saw justice as well. The Sheolic Wheel would not be "ultimate justice" for this season of rebellion, but it would be justice nonetheless and Khata had a role to play in all this that even he wasn't aware of.

Eventually over the course of another 5,000 years war engulfed the Galaxy of The Elders (The Milky Way). The only role the heavenly host played during this time was containment. The borders of the galaxy were guarded by the Septum Dei and the most powerful forces of The White Throne to prevent this war from spilling over into the rest of the cosmos more than it already had. However, from the beginning of Azathoth's known corruption, his rebellion inspired others to ponder what life would be like if they followed suit.

Lucifer: Son of The Morning

Eden was a kingdom encased in light. Aeternum Stones of carnelian, chrysolite and emerald, topaz, onyx and jasper, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and beryl all adorned the realm and its settings and mountings. Of all the heavenly host, the most honored were the throne guardians: The Seraphim. Mighty winged serpentine beings whose featherfurs shined with the tzoharian light and the holiness of the very throne of King Yahweh reflected off of their souls and illuminated all who saw them and conversed with them in the meadows and gardens of Eden: The Kingdom of The White Throne. The throne guardians were the honor guard of Yahweh Himself and were known as the wisest and most revered of all the creatures of heaven, but the greatest of these was Lucifer: Son of The Morning.

Lucifer governed the Divine Council and acted as a chief messenger for Yahweh to other members of the host of the heavens. He was brilliant and walked with Yahweh amongst the fiery stones of Eden where the Aeternum Stones were born. In wisdom and might, he was second only to Yahweh Himself, or so it was said. The temptation of Lucifer began small, as most temptations do. Upon first learning of Azathoth's betrayal, he was grieved and in shock at such an action. Then, over the course of the thousands of years of watching the supposed freedom Azathoth and his Court had, Lucifer began to entertain thoughts of his own.

Next month we'll encounter the story of the Fall of Lucifer and how his rebellion in the Edenic realm rocks the entire cosmos and its ripple effects will change time forever.


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