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What Is The Cosmic Wheel (Part 4)


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"They worshipped, so they said, the Great Old Ones who lived ages before there were any men, and who came to the young world out of the sky."

- H.P. Lovecraft (The Call of Cthulhu)

"God created things which had free will. That means creatures which can go wrong or right. Some people think they can imagine a creature which was free but had no possibility of going wrong, but I can't. If a thing is free to be good it's also free to be bad. And free will is what has made evil possible(...)Of course God knew what would happen if they used their freedom the wrong way: apparently, He thought it worth the risk. (...) If God thinks this state of war in the universe a price worth paying for free will -that is, for making a real world in which creatures can do real good or harm and something of real importance can happen, instead of a toy world which only moves when He pulls the strings- then we may take it it is worth paying.”

-C.S. Lewis (The Case For Christianity)

The Cosmic Wheel is not a map, but a living construct of order. At any point, each realm in the construct can and does overlap. Sometimes multiple realms at a time can occupy the same space. Usually, in those instances, two or more realms are warring over said space, be it location or an individual person. At the center of this construct is the White Throne, the order which has kept creation in place to save it from chaos and ultimate destruction.

Yog-Sothoth's Army

During the eons of evolution and war on Earth, billions of miles away in the Outer Rim of the Milky Way galaxy, Yog-Sothoth, and his order were taking a more hands-on approach to their own rebellious creation. Yog-Sothoth didn't care for the approach Azathoth took toward the evolutionary process because he felt it was too slow and left too many things up to chance. He wanted direct control over his creation and didn't want children to worship him, he wanted soldiers that would obey his every command. And if he were to use the survival of the fittest method of evolution, like the Shoggoths with their masters, Yog-Sothoth risked a rebellion of his own. He wasn't interested in free will, for this elohim knew that eventually there would be a breaking of fellowship within Azathoth's Court, and when that time came, he would be ready.

During the rise of Aedom Elyon (before the creation of the Shoggoths), Yog-Sothtoth's creation had already been advancing in their intelligence; so much so, in fact, that they had already developed an impenetrable armor and had harnessed electricity to fuel their vehicles and weapons. All of this had been kept secret from the rest of the Court, which was an easy task since Pluto (or what was now re-named Yuggoth) was the furthest planet in the galaxy and it was also so small none of the other members of Azathoth's Court paid any attention to it. To keep suspicion as nonexistent as possible, he kept Uranus and Neptune the way the Court had agreed to maintain them.

But the time had come for Yog-Sothoth to reveal his grand creation to Azathoth.

The Mi-go, he called them, were highly advanced and could easily assist in eliminating the Shoggoth rebellion. Yog-Sothoth also assured Azathoth that these creatures did not have a mind of their own and would only do what Yog-Sothoth commanded them to.

It was at this point Azathoth (who had grown exceedingly paranoid of losing his power and status along with the Necrom Stone) knew he could not trust his fellow elohim, for why would he have created this army in secret if not to overthrow Azathoth and claim the Necrom Stone and the promises of Khata for himself? However, in his paranoia, he convinced himself that if he didn't do anything about the Shoggoth rebellion, the Elder Children (Aryans) might turn on him. Unfortunately, Azathoth did not have the power to eliminate all the Shoggoths on his own, nor did he wish for his own order, The Dara Cinn to get involved in a war between the Aryans and their rebellious slaves. That sort of task was beneath them and they would surely rebel against Azathoth for such an insult (or so he thought). Therefore, the plan presented by the ruler of Yuggoth seemed to be a logical answer to the problem he faced, but he had to be ready for if/when Yog-Sothoth commanded his army of Mi-go not to stop after crushing the Shoggoths.

The High Priest of RLYEH

The first words of creation brought forth the foundations of the cosmos. As these foundations were being formed, the most beautiful music began to burst into the newly formed space. Ancient beings such as the Elders were breathed into life through this glorious song of the Trinitarian fellowship of Yahweh. Through the ages, The Elders were invited to join Yahweh in this symphony of design. It was a harmonious and joyous season where all lived and created in utopian bliss.

Azathoth was the first to be welcomed into the creation process. With Yahweh's guidance, he formed a gloriously beautiful being whose very presence could fill the stars with joy and happiness. Azathoth was given the gift of naming the very creation that he had helped bring to life. Cthulhu was born out of song and laughter.

As the years rolled on by the thousands, Cthulhu became Azathoth's high priest of the Dara Cinn. Cthulhu's rebellion against Yahweh wasn't about creating things in his own image, but about the loyalty he had toward Azathoth. He had made an idol out of his relationship with the being who co-created him. After Azathoth had begun his campaign to create beings in his own image on earth, he had told Cthulhu that he wanted him by his side, governing and creating; a twisted mirror of what Yahweh had done with him. Cthulhu's blind loyalty that had been growing in his heart toward Azathoth was what Khata continued to use from the shadows to help Cthulhu justify his actions and follow Azathoth to whatever end.

However, as with all things rooted in selfishness (for all blind loyalty to a person has its slimy foundations in pride), that blind loyalty began to shift. Cthulhu had become Azathoth's head angel to the Aryans, his messenger and high priest that would appear to Aedom Elyon and his tribe. The Aryans regarded him as their direct link to "El" (The Aryans' name for Azathoth) as a mediator and holy figure that they would pray to during their gatherings and in their homes. In every tribe across the world, there was always an idol of "El" and Cthulhu. In RLYEH, however, Cthulhu had a temple that he would bodily reside in during certain festivals and solstices.

All of this adoration began to wear on Cthulhu's heart. He began to crave their worship and through the years, he had more...intimate relations with them. Azathoth did not care what his high priest did with the Aryans as long as he still carried out the would-be god of god's will. However, what Azathoth didn't know was that Khata, in his astral form, had been whispering thoughts to the high priest of RLYEH, promising him power, pleasure, and conquest. He needed only to play the part a little longer, and then the world and the power of the Necrom Stone would be his.

The stage was now set. Khata had his pivotal players in position to bring forth more destruction and war than ever before in the history of the cosmos, giving him enough power to finally take on physical form.

The Splitting of The Court of Azathoth

Yog-Sothoth's Mi-go showered waves of crushing punishment upon the Shoggoth tribes that had formed throughout the world. None of the primal former slaves stood a chance against the highly advanced Yuggothian warriors. It wasn't until 6 months into the Mi-go assault that one specific tribe of Shoggoths, using gorilla warfare tactics, continued to evade and even kill many of the Mi-go that attempted to overtake them. One night the Shoggoth tribe managed to capture the leader of a particular Mi-go battalion. The Shoggoth tribe was surprised to learn that the Mi-go leader could communicate well with them due to the Mi-go's highly advanced technology. The Yuggothian leader was surprised to find out that the Shoggoth tribe which had captured him were the leaders of the rebellion. They knew the Mi-go would eventually destroy them all, so they were willing to surrender to them and be the slaves of the Mi-go if they would help them destroy the Aryans. The Mi-go leader gave this proposal, via a transmitter, to Yog-Sothoth who was all too willing to accept this offer.

Meanwhile Aedom Elyon dwelled in the High Temple in RLYEH, awaiting a status report on the genocide of the Shoggoths. Aedom was thankful for the mysterious army that "El" had provided them and was proud to offer up his own soldiers to fight alongside the Mi-go. However, that proved to be more of a hindrance than anything else. The Aryans were much more advanced than the Shoggoths were to be sure, and because of the power the Spear of Necrom gave them, they were on an equal playing field with the Mi-go when it came to weaponry, armor, and skill. But when it came to intelligence and strategy, the Mi-go had the upper hand. Aedom did not like this one bit. He was experienced and intelligent enough to realize that it wouldn't take much for the Mi-go to overtake the Aryans if they wished to do so. And it was in this realization that he turned his concerns to the Angel of El, the high priest of RLYEH, Cthulhu himself.

In his counsel with Cthulhu, the high priest informed him of the Court of El and how there was a pantheon of gods who governed the universe. Of course, Cthulhu gave Aedom Elyon his version of the truth and left out Yahweh and his divine council which the Court of Azathoth rebelled from. Cthulhu regaled Aedom with the tale of how El created the cosmos through conquest and war against a tyrant king, taking the parts of his fallen enemy and using them to create the Earth. In this process, though, some gods within the pantheon had become jealous of El's power and status, meaning the god who supplied the Mi-go was very possibly going to try and overthrow the Earth and take it as their own, massacring and enslaving the Aryans in the process.

Upon hearing this, Aedom Elyon was furious and asked how El could allow such a thing to happen. Cthulhu replied with the hard truth, that El did not care for them the way he used to and was more interested in watching this war for entertainment than actually helping the Aryans. Believing this, Aedom Elyon bowed before Cthulhu and pleaded with him to fight for them in the Court of El. Cthulhu stated that it was already too late for such mediation, however, if Aedom Elyon were to swear allegiance to Cthulhu, then he would secure their rightful place as rulers of Earth and would bring together the mightiest of warriors to fight the Mi-go, El, or whatever gods come to take rulership over Rodinia. Aedom Elyon swore the allegiance of all Elder Children to Cthulhu and said they would only worship him and the gods he commanded them to.

Over the next few weeks/months, Mi-go and Shoggoth forces joined to fight the Aryan tribes throughout the Southlands of Rodinia. All of the major Aryan cities up to Kadath had been sacked.

Kadath, being the largest city outside of RLYEH, was a territory the Aryans could not afford to lose. The combined army of Mi-go and Shoggoths traversed the mountainous range of Kadath, fully anticipating that this particular night would go as well as the others had gone. However, this would not be so. As the Mi-go/Shoggoth army began to raid the surrounding villages along the mountainside, a thunderous clap pierced the sky, and a legion of Aryans led by Cthulhu and other members of the Dara Cinn roared down upon the Yuggothians and their new slaves, decimating their forces, bringing the Creation Wars to an even grander scale of cosmic warfare.

Next month we'll take a step back and see what Yahweh and his Divine Council have been doing during these events. We'll also see what Azathoth's next moves will be in retaliation to his betrayal twice over as we begin to bring a close to the Creation Wars and the newly forged destiny of The Sheolic Wheel.


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