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What Is The Cosmic Wheel (Part 3)

WHAT IS THE COSMIC WHEEL? (PART 3) (Click here for Part 2)

“Turn God’s wrath into mere enlightened disapproval, and you also turn His love into mere humanitarianism.”

-C.S. Lewis (Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer)

"I've often said, to hear some people talk about the gospel, you'd think that John 3:16 would have said, 'God so hated the world that he killed his only son.' It doesn't. It says, 'God so loved the world that he gave his only son.'"

The Cosmic Wheel is not a map, but a living construct of order. At any point, each realm in the construct can and does overlap. Sometimes multiple realms at a time can occupy the same space. Usually, in those instances, two or more realms are warring over said space, be it location or an individual person. At the center of this construct is the White Throne, the order which has kept creation in place to save it from chaos and ultimate destruction.

War, Wrath, & Love

Before we dive into the first war within the Cosmic Wheel, we must address something rather important. If Yahweh is the King of all things and is fueled by love (being the very essence of love itself), then how can he be at war? If perfect love casts out fear (as they say) how can war (which thrives on fear) even exist and how can he participate in it? This is a very good question and one that many have wrestled with for thousands of years. The answer, while it must be nuanced and explored in more ways than we have time for here, lies in the question of, "what is love?" If love is simply expressed through passivity, then it lacks the strength to accomplish anything. To be sure, "love" has been abused throughout history, and "love for God" has sparked so many human (Adamian) wars and caused great harm to individuals. To many, God's "love" looks a lot like rage-filled abuse that is only after one thing: control.

C.S. Lewis defines love in four ways: Storge – empathy bond, Philia – friend bond, Eros – romantic love, and Agape – unconditional "God" love, with the greatest of these being, Agape. Agape love is mostly defined as the purest, most selfless form of charity one can express towards something or someone else, and is at the root of the other three types of love. So how can something this pure and selfless spark wars and violence in both the seen and unseen realms? Now, first of all, keep in mind that at this time in the history of the Cosmic Wheel, humans have not been created in any form yet. Yahweh's devotion and love toward humans is different from other beings, as humans are gifted the status of "child" and are more in his image than any other being and the heavenly creatures are not. This doesn't mean he doesn't love them, it simply means his love is even greater toward humans as a perfect father would be toward his children over his friends/siblings.

Now imagine a perfect being whose very essence is love and light, who is living in wonderful harmony with his family. Then darkness is welcomed into his creation through intentional and deliberate rebellion that corrupts all things it touches and scars the very fabric of the ordered creation in which this perfect being has set in motion for the purpose of selfless unity and growth. This perfect being wouldn't love properly if this scenario didn't make him angry or wrathful toward the one(s) responsible. Thus, in this explanation, wrath is a product of love.

To be sure, wrath without love is abuse and malice. These are things Yahweh is not and cannot be. But be sure, good and evil are the greatest of enemies and cause wrathful events to take place. For if good did not take a stand out of wrath against evil and injustice, then evil would always prevail in the end and justice would never be satisfied.

Think of it this way; if one is living a happy and wonderful life and then that person's friend somehow weaponized cancer and gave it to their whole family, making them die a horrible death or causing their quality of life to never be whole again, and the victims find out that the deceitful friend did all this out of selfish gain, then the person who deceived and caused great harm should be brought to justice and punished. Therefore, there would be a wrathful pain of betrayal and a real need for reparation to occur in this situation. However, perfect good does not express wrath in evil ways. Therefore, doing the same to an enemy that they did to you is never the answer and we will begin to see that just and perfect wrath (founded in love) played out by the King of Ages as the Creation Wars truly begin.

The Creation Wars Begin

Khata had entered creation through the rebellious acts of The Court of Azathoth. The newly birthed darkness had been thriving within the Elders' hearts as they followed their leader's actions and motives through rebellion and seizing autonomy for themselves. King Yahweh, although unseen, was present in every single one of their secret meetings and knew all of their plans, thoughts, and how dark their hearts were becoming. But he could not alter the laws of the cosmos to prevent what they were doing and planning or else everything would crumble around them all and those who were still loyal to Yahweh and the loving growth of creation would perish. Instead, Yahweh began making his own plans to thwart the evil that had entered his cosmos. He would not destroy the Elders (even though they deserved it), but he would, through the law of choice, allow them to live out this fantasy of theirs to its bitter end; all the while he and his Host would be thwarting their every intention (within the predetermined cosmic laws), turning evil into good.

As the growing chaos began to give Khata (who stayed in the shadows) more and more power and influence in the cosmos, the war continued to rage, with Earth as the main stage. Through cataclysmic events and evolutionary leaps, the will of Azathoth fought hard against the will of his creator and former King to create his own image bearers. Due to the growing darkness inside of him, Azathoth's process of evolution was cruel and driven by violence. He wanted a pure, indestructible race of creatures (A Master Race) and through the course of eons, despite Yahweh and his Host's constant wrangling dominance over the Elders and their growing debauchery, Azathoth achieved his goal through the direct assistance of Khata himself.

Khata finally revealed himself to The Court of Azathoth and gifted Azathoth the Necrom Stone which Khata had forged from the enormous amount of power he had gained over the millennia. He told the Court that as long as Khata's power grew, the Necrom Stone and all shards that came from it would always flourish. Azathoth knew of the Aeternum Stones (which will be covered in their own blog entry) as they were the first products of Ruakh. The Tzoharian Stone was created to govern the light of creation and its very essence formed The White Throne where Yahweh's direct presence dwelled. Khata assured Azathoth and his court that the Necrom Stone would rival the strength of the Tzoharian Stone and its energy. With this new advantage, Azathoth began to gain the upper hand in the war.

The peak of Azathoth's creation came to fruition with the triumph of the "Primordial Male". From the warring of the species, a race emerged that was worthy of the image of The Court of Azathoth. It was dubbed The Aryan Race and ruled all of Azathoth's creation mercilessly. Through further evolutionary conquest, an alpha male emerged; Azathoth himself appeared before the Aryan race to gift the alpha with the first name: Aedom Elyon. Azathoth took on the name, "El" and instructed the Aryans to address him as such and be their high king and god of gods, directly mocking Yahweh in this process. Azathoth also gifted Aedom The Spear of Necrom which held a shard of the Necrom Stone. Whoever held this spear would have immortality and unlimited power amongst the Aryans.

The Spear proved to be all Aedom Elyon hoped it would be as he was not only more powerful than all his subjects, but his power rivaled that of the Septum Dei. Upon creating the first city of the Aryan Race, RLYEH (where "El" first appeared to them), Aedom Elyon stood his ground and fought off an attack by Archangel Raphael and his mighty order. It was this victory that gave the Aryans a newfound confidence in, not only their leader but the thriving growth of their race and the promises of their god, El. Aggressive Expansion was now inevitable across the entire land mass of Earth or what Azathoth called, Rodinia.

Over the course of the next million years, the Aryan race conquered all of Rodinia, but not on their own. Aedom Elyon was inspired by his god to (with the power of the Necrom Stone) genetically engineer an entire race of slaves called Shoggoths that would do much of the heavy lifting and be used as pawns in conquest over the enormous creatures of the primordial world. Through slave labor, Aedom Elyon established large cyclopean cities that would mercilessly rule over the would-be predators of ancient times with RLYEH as the capital city where all Elder Children gathered multiple times a year to worship El and his Council (The Court of Azathoth), which became the pantheon of gods dedicated to all Aryans across the world.

Azathoth's method of evolution had turned Earth into a chaotic, wild, and treacherous place; a world ruled by death and destruction; a world that grieved King Yahweh deeply and infuriated him to his core. There was no morality. There was no understanding. There was no comradery. What started as a vision of love, harmony, and peace had turned into a nightmare of enslavement and merciless conquest. However, Yahweh knew what was to come and it was exactly what he knew would happen from the beginning of Azathoth's rebellion. For now, the earth belonged to Azathoth's brood, but he knew that soon would be the time to strike hard, bringing true justice and order back into his creation.

The Shoggoth Revolution

In creating the Shoggoths, Aedom Elyon designed their minds to be absolutely subservient to the Aryans despite the countless waves of abuse the Shoggoths had to endure. However, over the millennia, as all species do, the Shoggoths began to evolve; and Khata, who had been gaining in power from the overwhelming darkness that came out of the conquest of Rodinia, now saw this as an opportunity to gain even more power through two races of sentient beings at war with one another. Khata, up to this point, did not have enough power to take physical form and remained in an astral state. But this was his chance to change all that.

Compared to the Elder Children (Aryans) Shoggoths were much larger in size and their speed was unmatched. They could "outrun" any beast of the primordial world and could change shape and size to best any opponent. But the only thing it didn't have was intelligence. They had enough to follow orders and complete the tasks their masters commanded of them. And for the longest time, they were loyal to those who fed them and dominated them physically. However, as time passed and evolution continued, with Khata's invisible influence, the Shoggoths began to understand that they could overpower their subjugators.

Finally, after thousands of years of abuse and enslavement, a Shoggoth turned against its master during a battle with a pack of Titan Rexes in LENG. Other Shoggoths saw what was occurring and it turned into a full-on rebellion as the Shoggoths defeated both the Titan Rex pack and the Aryan commanders, causing the rest of the Elder Children to retreat in fear. That day echoed throughout the world as more and more Shoggoths began to rise up across the globe. Soon, Aedom Elyon ordered all remaining Shoggoths to be put to death as they could no longer be trusted and war had begun. As the Aryans retreated to their cities, the Shoggoths took to the wild lands of Rodinia and once the smaller, more isolated cities like Kaar and Kn Yan began to fall to Shoggoth rule, Aedom Elyon knew he would soon lose control of the South. It was at this point, Aedom cried out to his god, El, and pleaded for mercy and assistance.

Azathoth heard his cries and although he was intrigued by the Shoggoth's evolutionary strength, they did not worship him and had torn down his idols in the cities they had conquered. Azathoth gathered his Court together for guidance, and it was Yog Sothoth, ruler of Pluto (which he had renamed Yuggoth), who offered his assistance. For he, in secret, had created his own race that could easily be brought to Rodinia and help tame (or exterminate) this rebellious brood. And although Azathoth accepted Yog Sothoth's help, he now wondered what else the elohim was doing in secret.

As distrust and revolution broke out in the cosmos, Khata reveled and grew in power. Soon the time would come when he would be able to gain physical form and move further with his plan of total cosmic domination and turn everything to darkness. All the while, the Sheolic Realms of chaos continued to grow and the time for Yahweh's plan of counterattack drew closer as Azathoth's world was beginning to implode upon itself.

Next month we will continue with the Creation Wars as trust within The Court of Azathoth breaks completely and war overflows from Earth and into the cosmos.


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