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What Is The Cosmic Wheel? (Part 2)

WHAT IS THE COSMIC WHEEL? (PART 2) (click here for Part 1)

"Sin (Khata) is a failure to love God and others by not treating them with the honor they deserve."

-Tim Mackie (The Bible Project)

"...the mystery of evil is a mystery of a war-torn and unfathomably complex creation, not the mystery of God’s all-controlling will."

-Gregory A. Boyd (The Point of the Book of Job)

“ was through Pride that the devil became the devil: Pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-God state of mind.”

–C.S. Lewis (Mere Christianity)

The Cosmic Wheel is not a map, but a living construct of order. At any point, each realm in the construct can and does overlap. Sometimes multiple realms at a time can occupy the same space. Usually, in those instances, two or more realms are warring over said space, be it location or an individual person. At the center of this construct is the White Throne, the order which has kept creation in place to save it from chaos and ultimate destruction.

The Shadow of Khata

One may ask, "If a perfect being is in a perfect existence, why in the world would they choose to change that?" That is an extremely valid question and the answer has been sought after for thousands of years by both seen and unseen beings. To find this answer, we must journey back to before the creation of Azathoth and The Elders, before the creation of the cosmos itself, and into the very fabric of the words spoken which constructed the predestined laws of everything.

In this Ruakh (divine energy) of the Word of Yahweh, many laws were created instantaneously before any physical matter existed, for the laws had to govern the matter from its beginning or chaos would enter creation instantaneously and Yahweh is no King of Chaos. A part of this premeditated order, the Divine Laws consisted of things such as cause and effect, gravity, time, and amongst many other things, the law of choice. In different parts of the cosmos, these laws act differently, but they all remain intact, for these things are what keep all of creation in an ordered fashion, decreed by Yahweh himself.

However, the risk with the law of choice is that, above all Divine Laws, it can disrupt others permanently; which is why only a certain few are given this gift. Azathoth, outside of the King himself, was the first, followed by the rest of The Elders, the Dara Cinn, the Septum Dei, and all sentient beings of Yahweh's divine council, The Ouranos Elohim. So what happened to make Azathoth crave something other than the perfect, harmonious bond with the King and his creations?

So again I ask, if a perfect being is in a perfect existence, why in the world would they choose to change that? Indeed that is a great question that many have asked, however, it is not the correct one. Azathoth and all other creations were not perfect when they were formed, they were simply declared very good. Yahweh was pleased with them and how they began to live out their lives. Yahweh, who was the only perfect being, was drawing all of his creations to perfection through a relationship with him by interacting with him and creating alongside him. The King was welcoming them into a creative adventure that had roles that needed filling and governing. The goal was a genuine utopian adventure where they all worked and played in harmony, growing further out and further in, enjoying the endless imagination of Yahweh himself.

However, for all of this to come to pass, it had to be chosen. Yahweh didn't want a world of automata, for creatures that worked like machines would hardly be worth creating. Thus lay the risk. Written in the Divine Law of Choice which helped govern the cosmos, one could choose ultimate good, but could also choose ultimate evil. This balance is what kept sentient beings free. And written in the choice of ultimate evil were consequences (cause and effect). So when it was announced that Yahweh would be creating a world for image bearers whom he would see as His children and co-heirs, Azathoth had a choice to make. Inside he was conflicted. The urge to create was a holy thing, a gift from the King; however, the law of choice provided a possibility where Azathoth himself could be King, or at least in his mind.

What happened in the mind of Azathoth was complex to say the least, for the thought of a possibility was not an evil thing. In his mind, Azathoth saw himself governing a world with creations of his own and there was nothing inherently wrong with that. In this line of thinking, the mind can wander in all sorts of directions, including the goal of governing a planet, doing so in the image of his Creator, which is where his desire started. No one but the King can pinpoint exactly when Azathoth's desire turned from a good, holy goal to an act of wicked pridefulness, but it was certainly when the desire changed from wanting to create, into wanting to be worshipped. And somewhere in those moments, something entered creation for the very first time. Something dark...something sinister.

Through the Divine Law of Choice, Azathoth had said, "yes" to pride and in making this conscious decision, birthed the abomination of all living things, Khata: The Antilife.

Khata was a consequence that affected all of life and its harmony, but not a mindless thing. Not something that was merely like a black hole or a tsunami that caused destruction without malice or intent, but a sentient malevolence that fed on the dark side of Choice. Of course, Azathoth did not know this being had emerged, nor did he realize that he was the one who ushered this monstrosity into creation, therefore the more he gave into his pride and leaned into his lust for power and the desire to rule, the more power Khata was given.

He spread like a plague through The Elders, the more Azathoth called them into their secret meetings, urging them to align with his new vision for creation. It didn't matter if they sided with Azathoth or not (even though most did), Khata simply wanted them to act in ways that gave him more power, and the more power he gained, the more chaos began to enter into creation.

The Splitting of The Temel Wheel

Yahweh knew all of this was happening even though, in The Elders' ignorance, they thought they were plotting in secret. Yahweh also knew that Khata had emerged. He wasn't surprised at this, for the King knows every possible choice that could ever be made and can respond to them and utilize them (within the preordained laws of the cosmos) as if they were the only way things could have happened. However, each choice has its own unique outcome and ripple effect that collides with everything else in the cosmos. A simple choice changes the vibrations of life, setting it on a different course than it was before. With this unlimited amount of possibilities maintaining order was the top priority, for if it were to slip into chaos, everything would implode upon itself and all creation would be lost.

Up until Khata's emergence, the Temel Wheel of ordered creation turned perfectly, but upon his wicked and twisted arrival, that perfect order filled with good things began to crack. Khata's prime goal was chaos, for it gave him more power. For now, the inner turmoil of The Elders was enough to satiate his lust, but that would not last for long and the King knew it. So upon Azathoth's birthing of this darkness, Yahweh began to create a second wheel; one that would trap the chaos which Khata brought into existence. This prevented Yahweh's creation and his family from being undone. This second wheel was known as Sheol, a realm of darkness and calamity where the only order present was the order that kept the gates to that realm shut. No one but Yahweh knew this realm existed, but soon the actions of The Elders were going to change everything.

The First Act of War

Azathoth and The Elders were given specific roles in the creation and cultivation of Earth and its galaxy. Hypnos and Nodens governed the moon and the waves. Nyarlothotep governed the sun, while Abhoth and Ubbo-Sathla governed the rotation and cultivation of the inner rim of the Milky Way (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars). The Middle Rim (Jupiter and Saturn) was governed by Tulzsha and the Outer Rim (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) was governed by Yog Sothoth. The inner workings of planet Earth were given to Azathoth and Shub-Nurrath. Together they (and their respective orders) were tasked by Yahweh to bring life to the galaxy that would be home to the Adamian race, the image-bearers of the King.

However, this is not what occurred as The Elders used their authority and freedom to create their own race in their own image. Thousands of years of evolution and forming of worlds that were supposed to be dedicated to the Adamians, instead were dedicated to something much more diabolical. Something that would climb the evolutionary chain not by a loving and fatherly hand as Yahweh was going to do, but with a survival of the fittest. The being who survived was the being who ruled, through pain and suffering these creatures were formed. From the dust of the darkest depths, Azathoth formed The Elder Children.

It was their creation that sparked the first war where elohim from all over the cosmos would choose a side: they would join Azathoth's cause, stay loyal to King Yahweh, or they would break off and follow Azathoth's lead and choose autonomy over being led by a "tyrant king" elevating themselves as their own god. During this tragic and dark time, Khata feasted and Sheol grew larger than ever before.

Next month we'll continue with The Creation Wars and how this led to the evolution of the Sheolic Realms and a new genesis for Earth and its future inhabitants.


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