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The Promise

This week's Lent piece begs us to remember the ongoing promise of God, given to us in Genesis 3:15. It's a reminder that God (from the beginning of humanity's alignment with the enemy that welcomed the curse of darkness to rule the cosmos and the very fibers of our being) vowed not to leave humanity to its choices. Instead, God formed a plan to destroy the enemy through the means of the enemy's own hubris and the brokenness of men and women throughout history.

It's also a reminder that this promise doesn't come without heavy sacrifice and hardship on the part of God and humanity. The sting of this curse is that we will have to live with it and endure it, but the beauty of the promise is that God, instead of completely giving us over to our ancestor's prideful desires, entered the sting with us and suffered more than anyone could (being separated from an eternally happy and perfect union, taking on all darkness) to save us from the eternal death that solidifies this curse forever.

However, it's also a reminder to us here and now that even though the brokenness has been eternally shattered, its grip on us is still here. The promise of God is being fulfilled but is not completed yet. The cross that struck the final blow is still echoing throughout eternity to bring order out of chaos and save all those who would come to Him. So we still feel pain. We still suffer. But we do so with the presence of God intimately with us and pointing us to an eternal home away from the brokenness that has haunted us for as long as we can remember.

He promises us freedom and joy now and brings heaven to earth through this promise that shook the darkness so long ago. Consider joining him in this promise and shine in the darkness, my friends.


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