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Memoirs of an Angel Kickstarter Launch

As I sit here the day after we launched the kickstarter for Memoirs of an Angel: The Grey Pilgrim Vol 1, I am feeling many things and all of them are amazing. Yesterday we launched at 12est and expected/hoped to get around $600 or about 30-45% funded by end of day. This is a pretty average and realistic goal to have. We have been working very hard and building a good fanbase over the last couple years and felt that to be a pretty reasonable goal. We could never have expected what actually happened.

Like most Kickstarter campaigns we wanted to begin with a Facebook Live video just to spread some hype and connect with our inner circle of the fanbase that consists of close friends, family, and invested readers. Before we started the video we pumped each other up and then said a prayer asking for help and once again giving this project to God (meaning I am doing this for Him and this is His to do with it what He wants). We got off to an awkward/goofy start and then after a few moments of weird silence, we began breaking the campaign down for everyone. By the time the video had ended we surpassed our goal of $600 and people had now pledged more than $1000 within 30 minutes.

When we finished the video, we were ecstatic. We were so excited that we got off to such an amazing start and that so many awesome people cared enough this story and bring it to life that they gave their hard earned money to make it a reality.

Within 2 and a half hours we were completely funded. It was surreal to say the least. I came in to this project with realistic expectations leaning into pessimism simply because I had no clue what to expect and I didn't want to get my hopes up only for them to be crushed. The Memoirs community, in turn, crushed my fears and worries by showing Robyn and I that they are in this all the way and I am forever grateful for them and always will be.

We closed out the day just under $3,000. Since then it's just been a whirlwind of unlocking stretch goals and producing graphics. We are now currently working toward our 3rd stretch goal of $4,000 and if today is anything like yesterday (the day we launched) we will hit it before we ever expect to.

Most of the people reading this have already pledged and so to you I say, Thank you. Thank you for your ever present support and encouragement. Thank you for your hard earned money that we will NEVER take lightly and will use it with care as we produce this book and continue producing this series so we can show people deeper truths about this world and about who they are. For those who have not pledged or cannot do so, Thank you too. I mean it. Thank you for reading this. For spreading the word. I've been in many situations where I wanted to pledge but didn't have the means or couldn't for whatever reason. You are still in this community and we still want you here and hope you enjoy the free posts of the pages on facebook as I continue to produce them for the rest of the year.

Well we have 28 and a half days left until the end of the campaign and we have nothing but high hopes for the remaining days. Thank you all for your support and I will be posting another blog in the coming weeks that will contain the transcript of my conversation with Luke Bray, a scholar in spiritual warfare and demonology. There will also be a facebook live video of the conversation on July 14. So, until then, have fun, be safe, and don't do drugs ;)


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