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The Grey Pilgrim Vol. 1

The Grey Pilgrim Vol. 1

  • Memoirs of an Angel: The Grey Pilgrim Vol. 1 is the first collection of the Memoirs of an Angel horror/fantasy comic book series intended for mature readers.
  • 8 page Prologue
  • Issues 1-4 of the series 
  • Bonus material (concept art, forward, author's note, and more)
  • Full-color trade paperback with over 120 pages of story


Jonathan has been waiting over 6 years for this moment...and it may be his last. Memoirs of an Angel (MOA) takes place in a distant future where civilization has put itself back together after a season of nuclear holocaust. We follow Jonathan, a man bent on revenge, through the lawless region of The Grey. There he must face his demons, inside and out, if he is to survive his quest. Jonathan is not alone on his journey though. This series overlaps between his world and an ancient one where cosmic beings war over both the physical and spiritual realms. It is there we meet Moriel and Akalian, angelic beings in The Order of Michael whose individual tales unite them on a mission to rescue a boy infested by The Dark Kingdom, all the while uncovering a much more sinister plot that contains catastrophic consequences. The Grey Pilgrim Vol. 1 tells the tale of an unlikely group of characters and how their lives intertwine as they take their first step on an adventure that will lead to something none of them could ever fathom.

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