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[DIGITAL] Issue #8 of Book One

[DIGITAL] Issue #8 of Book One

Memoirs of an Angel is a horror/fantasy comic book series that follows a ragtag group of infinite and finite beings who race through time and space to rescue a broken witch hunter from the clutches of The Dark Kingdom. It's like LOTR meets The Exorcist!! 

Issue eight of Memoirs of an Angel (The Labyrinth) is a continuation of Volume 2 and it picks up right where issue 7 left off.

25 years before Jonathan travels the dark and treacherous lands of The Grey, we follow him as a boy trapped in his own mind by Xexus, an ancient darkness with an even darker purpose. After the Battle of Hillcrest, Akalian and Moriel have entered Jonathan's possessed mind. They must now venture into the Labyrinth, the first step on their journey to the Castle of Endless Night. There they must confront a horror very few have walked away from.  A horror that can turn one's own mind against them and eat away at their very soul. 

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