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Elev8: An Art Book

Elev8: An Art Book

ELEV8 is an original comic art book featuring the work of 21 Louisville-Area Kentucky artists. It spans many genres of art, including sci-fi, comic book, fantasy, photorealism, digital illustration, traditional art, portraiture, cartooning and more! The book is available now in its first print edition. ELEV8 was designed, curated and managed by artist/designer Phil Back.

The 142-page, softcover book (ISBN: 979-8-9862139-0-3), is 9 inches x 12 inches with rounded corners, features work by the following artists:

Keith Akers
Zach W. Allen
Phil Back
Rene Blansette
Steven Beezer
Heather Brunetti
John Day
Steve Gatrost
Jim Haas
Samal McNealy
Griffin Morris
Ted Lee Nathanson
Chad Nuss
Kevin L. Richardson
Brian Rodman
Robert Schneiders
Damon Thompson
Ryan Thornton
Jeral Tidwell
Sarah Tidwell
Felix Whetsel

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