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[Digital] Issue #5 of Book One

[Digital] Issue #5 of Book One

Memoirs of an Angel is a horror/fantasy comic book series that follows a broken and bitter demonologist on a quest for revenge who gets caught up in a cosmic war that's been raging for centuries. 

Issue Five of Memoirs of an Angel (Into The Fire) is the first of a 5 issue arch that will make up the content of Volume 2 and it picks up right where Volume 1 left off.

25 years before Jonathan travels the dark and treacherous lands of The Grey, we follow a boy trapped in his own mind by Xexus, an ancient darkness with an even darker purpose. Two members of The Order of Michael--, Moriel and Akalian--, have been sent to converse with Gabriel in the Southern Territory of Earth in hopes to rescue the boy from destruction. Meanwhile, Mattia, a cleric in charge of the boy's case, has taken it upon herself to travel to The Grey and find her old master, Obadiah, in hopes of saving her client from euthanization by The High Council…

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