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Issue #7 of Book One

Issue #7 of Book One

Memoirs of an Angel is a horror/fantasy comic book series that follows a broken and bitter witch hunter on a quest for revenge who gets caught up in a cosmic war that's been raging for centuries.

Issue seven of Memoirs of an Angel (Memories & Nightmares Part II) is a continuation of Volume 2 and it picks up right where issue 6 left off.

25 years before Jonathan travels the dark and treacherous lands of The Grey, we follow a boy trapped in his own mind by Xexus, an ancient darkness with an even darker purpose.  Akalian and Moriel lead a garrison of Gabriel's forces to breach the Dark Kingdom's stronghold around Hillcrest Sanitarium where they are greeted with a wickedly insurmountable force. Meanwhile, Mattia and Obadiah enter Hillcrest and attempt to save Jonathan from the seemingly sinister will of the High Council, no matter the cost. It's a battle across both realms in the next issue of Memoirs of an Angel!!

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